I didn't have symptoms, but I knew it was time to CONQUER my hep C.

*Cure means no hep C virus found in the blood 3 months after treatment ends. Individual results may vary.

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Watch how hep C affects the liver

Hep C is a disease caused by a virus that infects the liver. Over time, hep C can damage the liver. There's no vaccine for hep C, but MAVYRET is a CURE* for hep C.

*Cure means no hep C virus found in the blood
3 months after treatment ends. 

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How hep C can and can’t be spread

Hep C is usually spread through
blood-to-blood contact.

How hep C can be spread

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Hep C is commonly spread by:

  • Sharing needles or the things used to prepare drugs
  • Being born to a mother who has hep C

And less commonly spread by:

  • Contact with someone's blood on razors or toothbrushes
  • Sex with an infected person
  • Getting a tattoo or body piercing with non-sterile instruments

How hep C is NOT spread

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Hep C CANNOT be spread by:

  • Sharing eating utensils or through food or water
  • Hugging, kissing, holding hands, coughing, or sneezing
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