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“Wondering about
the cost of MAVYRET?”

– James, CURED* with MAVYRET

– James, CURED* with MAVYRET

“If you’re worried about the cost of MAVYRET, there are options.”

– George, CURED* with MAVYRET

*Cure means no hep C virus found in the blood 3 months after treatment ends. Individual results may vary.



The list price, also known as the Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC), for one month of MAVYRET, is $13,200.00 as of January 2024. The WAC may not reflect the price paid by patients.


to find out how much MAVYRET will cost for you.


If you have: You could pay:

$20.00 or less per month, depending on state plan

Commercial Insurance (usually provided by employer)
(Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, etc)

As little as $5 a month with MAVYRET Savings Card

Medicare: Part D

$0-$3,300 per month, depending on coverage phase

Monthly out-of-pocket cost for MAVYRET may vary depending on patient’s other medication costs.

Most Medicare patients have Standard Part D prescription coverage, which has different costs depending on deductibles and coverage gaps. An Insurance Specialist can help you understand what these costs mean to you, by calling 1-877-628-9738.

Medicare: Low-Income
Subsidy (LIS)

$11.20 per month starting January 1, 2024

Uninsured or having difficulty paying for your medication

myAbbVie Assist provides AbbVie medicines to qualifying patients. Visit or call 1-800-222-6885 to learn more.

Other Insurance (VA,
DoD, TRICARE, others)

Because coverage varies by plan, call 1-877-628-9738 to speak to an Insurance Specialist to find out how much MAVYRET will cost you.


It's normal to have concerns and questions about the cost of medication.

MAVYRET Patient Support is here to answer your questions about insurance coverage, savings eligibility, and what your copay may be.



People with commercial insurance may pay as little as $5 per month with the MAVYRET Savings Card.


Download this MAVYRET Savings Card and bring it to your pharmacist to find out if you’re eligible.

myAbbVie Assist

If you are having difficulty paying for your medicine, myAbbVie Assist may be able to help.

myAbbVie Assist, our patient assistance program, provides AbbVie medicine to qualifying patients. It is intended for people that live in the United States, have limited or no health insurance coverage and demonstrate qualifying financial need.


to learn more.

Meet more people CURED* with MAVYRET

Get in touch with MAVYRET Patient Support